Monday, October 31, 2005

Barn Party 2005

Well, last night we had our annual Barn Party with our youth group. Although there was no barn this year, we had an absolute blast!

I am kicking myself for not having a camera, but it was so dark that a camera wouldn't have mattered anyway...

We went to the Metzlers, a family in our church, who have 4-5 acres which they bought just to be a blessing to others. Codorus Creek (the clean part of it) runs through the back of their property. The back of their property (where the creek is) is covered with woods, but has a cool clearing that is dotted by trees. It was down in a little valley, while their house was up on a hill. And they had a zip line set up for kids to get down into the valley. How cool is that?!

Anyway, the kids had a blast.

The apple bobbing contest was probably the most fun part of the night. I've never had that much fun with apples. Ever.

And Erin was the best. Maybe 1 second. She went down and came up with an apple before you could say Micheal Jackson. It was that fast. Way to go Erin!

We got on kayaks. I rode with Xavier...his first time in a boat where he had to paddle. Wish I had known that before we got out there so that I could have shown him what to do on shore so he could see me...we had so much fun...

And we didn't provide a bus to get the kids out there, so parents came and stayed the whole time. That was probably one of my favorite parts of the's so cool to have the parents around. Too often we do things where we separate them so it was good to go against that grain...

So it was great! I give it two thumbs up!

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