Wednesday, October 12, 2005

MClaren Kicks if Off

I took notes (it's true) at the retreat I went to last week, and thought I'd share those here. The first time Brian MClaren talked, he spoke about the life of prayer.

7 Kinds of Prayer
Rediscovering a Treasure

Prayer of thanksgiving
(Prayer that Wakes us up)

Prayer of Confession
(Prayer that Weeps)

Prayer of Petition
(Prayer that Reaches Out)
-saying I don't have power

Prayer of Intercession
(Prayer that changes the world)
-moving to pay attention to things that are bigger than me
-make it personal-pray for the broken as if they are your sibling or child

Prayer of Lament
(Prayer that Groans)
-we need to be honest about pain and unresolved pain
-"We are suffering from a crushing weight of easy answers."

Prayer of Contemplation
(Prayer that Listens)
-God can be experienced in complete normalcy

Oh! Hallelujah
Prayer of Worship

The part that stuck out to me was praying for people who are suffering as if they are my family. So, if I am praying for someone who is suffering in the Pakistan earthquake, I might pray this way. "God, be with my mother who has lost her husband." Or, "God, be with my little brother who is underneath the rubble waiting for the rescuers to get to him."

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