Thursday, February 28, 2008


What does joy look like?

I've been thinking about the passage in Hebrews where the writer describes Jesus going to his death "for the joy set before him". Here it sounds like the destination (the result of his death and resurrection) is the joy for Jesus. In this we see that joy is not the fleeting bounciness of a beach ball, but more like a tenacious bull dog that won't let go.
I read somewhere (I think it was John Ortberg's The Life You've Always Wanted) that "joy is serious business." Which makes me ask myself, how often am I intentionally developing this. I know that I ask myself how I can love others, but I don't often ask myself how I can be joyful. But as I think about it, being joyful invites others to experience the same and joy are intimately connected. Maybe I'm being picky...but I feel challenged to ask myself on a regular I set on the joy before me?
So...what brings you joy?

Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Community Called Atonement Ch. 1 and 2

So, we come to our first discussion!

Before we get to the questions, since we'll all be posting from all over the US (and maybe even Asia) I think we should all give a brief intro. Name, location, family, work...etc, should be cool.

I'm excited to hear your thoughts on how McKnight is attempting to connect the kingdom of God and atonement. His bag of images and "game of atonement" made me laugh...but also gave me some hope, especially in light of his comments on how Christians can use theology as a dividing line.


So, as the day winds down, Cadence gets silly. So, I caught her laughing...the movement of the camera is me coming closer to her...(obviously)...which made her laugh.

There's nothing quite as contagious as baby laughter.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Community Called Atonement

Well, the time is quickly approaching. On Monday we will begin our book discussion. Cadence is getting ready and has already read the first 10 chapters. She's keeping it away from her daddy!
Beginning on Monday we'll begin the discussion on the first two chapters of the book. And even if you don't have the book, feel free to comment and add your thoughts.

Monday, February 18, 2008

New Nooma

So, my friend Brad linked the new nooma viewing, which is on their facebook.

The vid actually goes into the scripture where Jesus prays in the garden. So it was cool to hear after our discussion last week. And it was pretty awesome!

The free viewing is only available from noon today until noon on Wednesday.

So check it out!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Welcome to Doug Paul

So, my friend Doug Paul, has officially joined the blogosphere as a blog contributor. No more just reading other people's stuff. No more anonymous commenting. Doug is the real deal now.

Actually, I really appreciate Doug and look forward to what he has to offer. He's a good friend (so good that he was my best man!) and I really think a lot of him.

If you get a minute, check him out!


Cadence loves to stand on her rocking chair and look out our front window. We take her there to wave goodbye or to knock on the windo so daddy can hear her while he's shoveling the walk. But she finds her way there on her own too!
We have purposefully placed that chair beside the window so that she can climb up there any time she wants. She loves watching the cars, birds, squirrels and dogs. She just soaks it all in with an attentiveness exceeding the normality for her age.

I'm wondering if much of parenting can be connected to this rocking chair and window thing. I think as parents one of ourroles is to expose Cadence to new vistas. We can show her, but we can't control her interest in the world beyond the window. I can put the chair there, but I can't keep her staring.

With love, peace, God--we can show her, but we can't make her interested. We can give her the regular rhythm of reading scriptures, loving our family and neighbors, night time prayers, involement with a faith community...but she will have to choose to own that rhythm.

My prayer is that through our passion for GOd that Cadence would fall in love with Him...that it would be like honey on her lips.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

An Invitation to Discuss

So, a friend of mine, Doug Paul (not this guy), has suggested that we read a book together to stretch our thinking and encourage our spirits. And we have chosen A Community Called Atonement (as you can see) by Scot McKnight. If you (the 12 that read this blog) would like to join the discussion, we're going to do it right here on this blog starting on Feb. 25.

The format is simple. I will post a simple entry every Monday from which we will run a discussion through the comment section. Very similar to what we did on the Christianity Rediscovered book by Vincent Donovan.

So, if you'd like...purchase the book from Amazon or your local bookseller (like Hearts and Minds in York, PA)...and join in!

Grace and Peace.

Wrestling with God

As I have been thinking about Jesus' journey to the cross, I keep coming back to Jesus' time in the Garden of Gethsemane. I am struck by how Matthew describes Jesus in this scene...Jesus throws himself to the ground in prayer. This is not a light-hearted prayer, but a gut wrenching, lay-it-all-out-on-the-line prayer. He asks God, "take this cup from me...but not what I will." There is so much emotion here.
In the process of thinking about this, I am reminded of the time in Gen. 32 when Jacob wrestles with God at Peniel. Jacob's about to meet his brother, from whom he has been estranged for many years. The last time they met, it wasn't a happy meeting. So Jacob has sent all his family and belongings to the other side of the river where Esau is. He waits overnight, when he is met by the form of a man...and he wrestles with him until he gets a blessing from the man.

For some reason my spirit is trying to connect these two stories. The background to each story is very different, but I think there are some profound connections...and I am wondering if anybody would like to venture in exploring those with me.

Any thoughts?