Sunday, February 17, 2008


Cadence loves to stand on her rocking chair and look out our front window. We take her there to wave goodbye or to knock on the windo so daddy can hear her while he's shoveling the walk. But she finds her way there on her own too!
We have purposefully placed that chair beside the window so that she can climb up there any time she wants. She loves watching the cars, birds, squirrels and dogs. She just soaks it all in with an attentiveness exceeding the normality for her age.

I'm wondering if much of parenting can be connected to this rocking chair and window thing. I think as parents one of ourroles is to expose Cadence to new vistas. We can show her, but we can't control her interest in the world beyond the window. I can put the chair there, but I can't keep her staring.

With love, peace, God--we can show her, but we can't make her interested. We can give her the regular rhythm of reading scriptures, loving our family and neighbors, night time prayers, involement with a faith community...but she will have to choose to own that rhythm.

My prayer is that through our passion for GOd that Cadence would fall in love with Him...that it would be like honey on her lips.

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