Monday, September 18, 2006

Creation Rushed or Unrushed?

I wondered this morning as I was rushing around trying to get stuff ready for the week.

I wondered if God was rushed when he created the universe. Like, did he wake up one morning, look at his schedule and say, "Oh my me! I have to make light and darkness today. And tomorrow I need to separate the waters. And the day after that I gotta make dry land and from that land I have to make sure that stuff grows from it. And that's not it. The day after that I'll be required to make stars and the sun and moon. Whew, that's going to be a lot of work. But I won't be done then either. The next day I have to make flying things and swimming things. I'm not quite sure what those will look like yet, even. Oh my. And when I want to be done, I have to get up the next day and make animals that walk on the earth. And I'll probably need to make one of the animals rule over all the others, just so that there can be some semblance of order. And after that day, I'll get some rest. Man, I can't wait for Saturday."

Or was there peace in all that he made?

Thursday, September 07, 2006

coming home...

well, i just turned in my final assignment due this week. so that means i am done for the week.

it's been good, but i can't wait to be home...

i am going home tomorrow morning. super early.

can't wait to see aubrey. less than 12 hours.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Relaxing Weekend (save for absence of aubrey)

So, this past weekend was relaxing, after feeling completely wiped from a full week of late nights and early mornings. I'm thankful for the Hulls. Here's some fun pics...for some reason I don't have one of Carol...who is quite the excellent cook. The only thing missing this weekend was Aubrey. It would be complete if she was here.
here's the box car kids. they're crazy.
and here's the cutest face ever...
And of course, hanging Brian himself has been quite dandy. He's a good friend. A good one. I think I'm lucky.
Also you should check out this cool conversation on his blog. Click on his picture and get sent to it.

Also, I hung out with an old friend from VA, Jeff Edmonson today. It was quite fun. He took me on a tour of the Nazarene Publishing House, showing me the printing presses and the massive folders. It was amazing!

Friday, September 01, 2006

adventures on the plaza 2

this is for aubrey

this was quite reminiscent of fountains in rome...

this is a guy i met. quite friendly, but slightly cold.
this is a waterway. hm. water.and this is another mosaic. lots of the around. not sure what a knight is doing chasing foxes in the plains of america...

adventures on the plaza 3

So, if you want a chronological turn of these pages, go to the first adventures and then the second adventures.

can't resist the gelato. too much like our time in rome.
unfortunately this gelati had a hole in the bottom of the cone, which left me leaking all the way around the plaza. so much leakage that i threw it away. it made my hands too messy to be sociable.
and another cool tile painting. i felt like stealing this one, i liked it so much.
i thought this was cute, and as aubs and i are preparing for the maternal and paternal roles, these things stand out to me more and more.
Ah. Nothing like finding Neptune hard at work among the traffic of an American city.
A store completely dedicated to cheese! What could be better? (beside having Aubs here)
dancing penquins. cute.
and aubrey likes doors, so i thought this was cool.
and more tile work. this kind of stuff is everywhere down here.
While all this stuff was great, it was not quite the same alone.
I can't wait to be back with Aubrey and the baby next week.

adventures on the plaza

So brian was kind enough to show me to the plaza in KC yesterday. after a sweet lunch at PF Changs (a chinese bistro, interesting combo) with dave and brian, brian turned me loose on the plaza, which i explored for a bit. below you will find some pictures of my adventures.

this is the original four faced fountain in KC, which started the fountain revolution.
KC is known as "city of fountains" and is also known for it's unique artwork.

I actually forgot the name of this fountain, but i loved it. it's to the left of the four faced fountain. Below you'll find individual pics of the horseback riders.

each of the riders was in great detail and portrayed a heated struggle with some type of beast.

this is one of the main streets of the plaza. the buildings have very unique architecture, playing off of italian and spanish themes.