Friday, September 01, 2006

adventures on the plaza 3

So, if you want a chronological turn of these pages, go to the first adventures and then the second adventures.

can't resist the gelato. too much like our time in rome.
unfortunately this gelati had a hole in the bottom of the cone, which left me leaking all the way around the plaza. so much leakage that i threw it away. it made my hands too messy to be sociable.
and another cool tile painting. i felt like stealing this one, i liked it so much.
i thought this was cute, and as aubs and i are preparing for the maternal and paternal roles, these things stand out to me more and more.
Ah. Nothing like finding Neptune hard at work among the traffic of an American city.
A store completely dedicated to cheese! What could be better? (beside having Aubs here)
dancing penquins. cute.
and aubrey likes doors, so i thought this was cool.
and more tile work. this kind of stuff is everywhere down here.
While all this stuff was great, it was not quite the same alone.
I can't wait to be back with Aubrey and the baby next week.

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