Thursday, November 29, 2007

Adventures with Cadence

Cadence has discovered the fine art of peek a boo. What fun, what fun.

I am Cain Part 2

So I made the decision to get rid of my brother.

And now God comes to me asking me where he is. Huh, he’s asking me if I am tending after my brother. My brother is the sheep tender, he doesn’t need someone to tend after him.

And when I think God would get mad at me, because I killed Abel, he does. But he doesn’t treat me like I would treat me if I was him.

He sends me out, but he puts a protective mark on me.

Now nobody can hurt me.

But that doesn’t make sense. Because I tried to steal from Abel. And God isn’t stealing my life from me…

God’s grace is too big for me to understand.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

How to say it, without saying it.

So, Aubrey and I went to hear Rob Bell speak in D.C. on Friday the 23rd. We went up with Susie (sister) on her birthday, Diana (sister in law), Jeff (Di's fiance) and met some of my peeps from York (Luke, Sam, Matt, Randy, Lorena). We ended up running into the infamous Byron Borger and his Hearts and Minds crew who were selling schtuff for Rob.

It would be hard to briefly summarize everything he said in that hour and a half. But I was most fascinated that he was able to talk about grace and atonement without even using the words. He was able to talk about some of the most profound realities without naming them.

Here is a good summary if you'd like to read it. If not, get to one of the shows. If not, get the DVD when it comes out.

PS I saw that someone (a Christian) wrote on their blog that they would not pay for a Christian speaker, so I thought it'd be good to point out that "Net proceeds from the tour will be given to the Turame microfinance project." Check it out!

Thankful Thanksgiving

We returned to the famous location of beautifully hot doughnuts.

A post-Thanksgiving tradition in Aubrey's family...and I love it.

As you can see, Cade sported the hat.
Look below for her first time to don the KKreme regalia.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


So, when I went to Asbury I was Resident Assistant of The Firehouse in its first two years. And now they're making sweet vids!

FYI Stu Smith* is an Asbury fella who's just plain funny...and deeply spiritual. Great combo.

*edit...I originally had Stu Metzler...who is a good man...but not an Asbury fella