Thursday, November 15, 2007


So, when I went to Asbury I was Resident Assistant of The Firehouse in its first two years. And now they're making sweet vids!

FYI Stu Smith* is an Asbury fella who's just plain funny...and deeply spiritual. Great combo.

*edit...I originally had Stu Metzler...who is a good man...but not an Asbury fella


Nate Youngblood said...

Did you notice their sweet firehouse fleece? We should have thought of that!

Josh said...

Yeah, I noticed. And I'm getting one. They contacted all the previous peeps and offered us the hookup!

And yes, we should have thought of that. Although, I probably would have been too cheap to actually buy one!

Anonymous said...


You know another Stu Metzler? I thought there were only and a distant cousin in Western PA. Please enlighten me via facebook...

Stu Metzler (Stuart Virgil)