Thursday, November 29, 2007

I am Cain Part 2

So I made the decision to get rid of my brother.

And now God comes to me asking me where he is. Huh, he’s asking me if I am tending after my brother. My brother is the sheep tender, he doesn’t need someone to tend after him.

And when I think God would get mad at me, because I killed Abel, he does. But he doesn’t treat me like I would treat me if I was him.

He sends me out, but he puts a protective mark on me.

Now nobody can hurt me.

But that doesn’t make sense. Because I tried to steal from Abel. And God isn’t stealing my life from me…

God’s grace is too big for me to understand.


Jonathan Mills said...

Josh --

Thanks for the awesome reminder of God's incredible grace as I start my day! Doesn't it just make you scratch your head?


Timothy Miller said...

the haunting phrase..."east of Eden." Where we live...

Josh said...

Jonathan and Tim,

Yes. The story leaves me scratching my head and then haunts me throughout my day.

Tim, did you read East of Eden by Steinbeck? B/c it's good. Even if you don't like the story, he's excellent with his language and descriptions.

Anonymous said...

Yea you off your bro and expect to be treated like you would treat someone else with the same offense, what does God do but protect and foregive. Go figure. I always remember my dad saying if I was god things would be different. Good thing they aren't. I am also glad that God is not like me. I like that God's first inclination is foregiveness, not just because I need it but it balances the scales of injustice/justice. It seems that those who need more foregiveness because of the offense get the amount needed. I on the other hand want in my nature to foregive, but only with a measured amount. I am glad I am not the judge, others are also.
Love you Josh and I appreciate the video of rythem.
Uncle Danny

Josh said...

Uncle Dan,

Thanks for the thoughts.

If we could have the same response as God...the world would be a different place.