Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Cadence and Eden!

Papa and his two favorite pasttimes...
Cadence and I on our Island of Hope (also a love seat of sand)
Look at all that sand on her face...she really gets into this beach thing.
Cadence washing dishes with Da (Cambodian for Grandpa and easy to say for Cade!)
Eden with Yay (Cambodian for Grandma and again...easy to say for Cadence)
Eden and Nana! Eden's getting festive at Allie's wedding rehearsal dinner!
Show the love...Cadence loves to do this...

The girls at the beach. Cade loved the waves and the sand and the wind and the sand and the waves and sand and the wind and the waves...

So, this blog, because of pure busyness has turned into more of a picture posting place (when it is used) more than anything else. We'll see what comes of the meantime, enjoy the pictures, as we surely have been enjoying the ones in them.