Friday, April 29, 2011

Our Next Sunday Morning STU Series

So, we have Stillmeadow Teen University (STU) every Sunday morning at 9:30, when 6-12 grade students get together to study scriptures together and to grow in Christ together.  It's pretty sweet.  I've been teaching the middle school boys for the past couple months and am LOVING that!

Anyway, we just wrapped up our previous series jumping through Matthew.

Now, we'll be examining what Stillmeadow calls her five core values: Connect, Celebrate, Commit, Contribute and Communicate.  (Yes, they are all "C" letters.)  Essentially, we believe that Jesus modeled these five things in his faithful obedience to his Father, and we want to do the same as a community (another great word that starts with "c").  Since this is "core" to who we are at Stillmeadow, we thought it'd be "cool" to have a series breaking these down with the teens.

If you'd like to see the Student Guide that we're handing out to our students, follow this link.

One of the things we're trying out is giving students a scripture for each day that is connected to the theme of the week.  This way they can be prepared when they come on Sunday.  Not everybody does it, but those that do have expressed that they get great reward from it.  We even send out text reminders of what scriptures we are reading each day.

If you'd like to receive texts with the scriptures for each day (found in the student guide), click on this link.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Stations of the Cross 2011

The Stations will be open from 6-9PM every night during Holy Week.  That's Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

The Stations of the Cross are an excellent way of remembering what Jesus did for the whole world when he endured the scandal of the cross.  Each station gives a scripture and a piece of art or an object to reflect on the scripture.  Our youth have put energy into the artwork and into construction of some of the scenes.  They've been doing this since 2006 and I'm excited about this year too!

If you don't come to our church, you can still come!  Our address is:

400 Stillmeadow Lane
York, PA 17404