Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Sometimes anger is like a hot dog placed in a microwave and left in too long. It doesn't take very long to explode, but it can take a long time to clean it up.

Sometimes we want our walk with Christ to pop as quickly as a bag of popcorn.

Sometimes I drink too much coffee when preparing lesson series.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

St. Louis!

Cadence and Mommy under the arch. It seems that Cade is a bit scared by the way she is grabbing at mommy's hair!
We got back on Monday from our trip to St. Louis for Nazarene Youth Conference. It was a good time to reconnect with friends and to see God move in the lives of our teens who went. Many of the teens from my own church expressed a deeper sense of calling in their lives, either to a vocation or to a new way of living while they're in high school. Quite cool!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The Simple Way Fire

On June 20, the Simple Way community experienced a gut-wrenching 7 alarm fire that completely destroyed several homes in their community as well as their community center. This is the community that Shane Clairborne (author of Irresistible Revolution) is a part of.

If you would like to donate some money to The Simple Way or to the Kingsington neighborhood as they re-establish themselves after this tragedy, please click here.

Summer Vacation 2007

So, we went on a road trip. (Cadence only drove part of the trip. We didn't want to overwhelm her with the responsibility. Plus she chewed on the steering wheel too much while she drove.)
To the beach!
Everbody loved being with Cade. (Here she is with Uncle Marky. She's doing her grunt squeal that gets everybody laughing.)
Yea (Cambodian for Gma) held Cade on the beach.
And so did the lovely Auntie Susie!
And Auntie D and future Uncle Jeff.
And Papa loved being with Cadence.
So did her Da (Cambodian for Gpa).

And Grammie taught Cade to play piano!