Friday, September 01, 2006

adventures on the plaza

So brian was kind enough to show me to the plaza in KC yesterday. after a sweet lunch at PF Changs (a chinese bistro, interesting combo) with dave and brian, brian turned me loose on the plaza, which i explored for a bit. below you will find some pictures of my adventures.

this is the original four faced fountain in KC, which started the fountain revolution.
KC is known as "city of fountains" and is also known for it's unique artwork.

I actually forgot the name of this fountain, but i loved it. it's to the left of the four faced fountain. Below you'll find individual pics of the horseback riders.

each of the riders was in great detail and portrayed a heated struggle with some type of beast.

this is one of the main streets of the plaza. the buildings have very unique architecture, playing off of italian and spanish themes.


Sam said...

love the pictures man. I was down there a couple months ago with Joshua Loewen. It's nice. (and markedly yuppy)


Josh said...

yeah, it's crazy yuppy here.

quite nice too.

and there's a lot of racism.

and it's got one of the richest counties in the country (Johnson County).