Monday, September 18, 2006

Creation Rushed or Unrushed?

I wondered this morning as I was rushing around trying to get stuff ready for the week.

I wondered if God was rushed when he created the universe. Like, did he wake up one morning, look at his schedule and say, "Oh my me! I have to make light and darkness today. And tomorrow I need to separate the waters. And the day after that I gotta make dry land and from that land I have to make sure that stuff grows from it. And that's not it. The day after that I'll be required to make stars and the sun and moon. Whew, that's going to be a lot of work. But I won't be done then either. The next day I have to make flying things and swimming things. I'm not quite sure what those will look like yet, even. Oh my. And when I want to be done, I have to get up the next day and make animals that walk on the earth. And I'll probably need to make one of the animals rule over all the others, just so that there can be some semblance of order. And after that day, I'll get some rest. Man, I can't wait for Saturday."

Or was there peace in all that he made?


Sam said...

I'm thinking there was peace dude. Remember, as he was making things, he said "It's good...It's good!"

Tauve Meude

That and He's got mad skillz (understatement of the day)

Jordan said...

One of my favorite classes in college was one I took in the summer at a community college. It was earth science. One day he unrolled this really, really, really, really long strip of paper. It was really long. There was one tiny little dot near the end of the strip of paper. He said this tiny little dot represents the time that humans (as we know them) have been around.

It was so amazing to think of the millions and millions of years that God took to form land, sea, animals, fish, dinosaurs, ect... How incredibly patient! Pangea (the super continent, before the continents seperated, and there was very little life) seems so incredibly boring to me. But God watched as earthquakes, and eruptions, and pressure over millions and millions of years seperated them into the continents we have now. My existense is but a tiny tiny tiny tiny little dot on the span of the existence of earth. And yet it also matters. Just as every spec of dirt, every tree, every single cell organism matters.

I think that incredible pressure, and violence and power were and continue to be a part of creation, and as God (and us) continue to create. But I don't think God is rushed, but on the other hand God is totally unpredicatable and wild.

Josh said...

yeah, i think it was the sense that there was not a lack of peace...things can be done quickly with a sense of peace...or things can be done quickly in a slipshod type of way.

Kevin said...

What an awesome thought! Thanks for being you for me . . . and the Kingdom!