Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Rome 5: Other Great Stuff

Here's Aubrey in front of the Borghese Gallery. What an amazing art gallery. It had one of my favorite pieces of work; a relief of a horse and rider falling. The horse was originally made by an unknown artist during the Roman empire and the horse was added during the Renaissance by Petro Benini (the dad). I love the idea that a work isn't finished and can be added to. Kinda like life...we're not done, we can build on to what was created before us.This is Aubrey eating a gelati, our 3rd of 5th night eating them. We had them every night except one. It's the italian version of ice cream. We figured with walking like 5 miles a day, we could indulge in such delicacies. And if you've had Rita's gelati's, they're nothing like the real thing baby.
And this is where we got our gelati's one night. What's crazy is that in Italy, many of their Cafe's and Bars, you have to pay a cover charge to use their tables. And lots of their seating is outside on the sidewalk (like you see in this picture). And it was cold when we were there. People were eating in the cold.
And for some strange reason, there are lots of cats in Rome. This is one in flight, landing on the ground. I'm not a cat lover, but since there's tons of them in Rome, I figured I'd put it on my blog.
And they've got water fountains everywhere. Not like our water fountains. These are constantly running and sometimes have cool designs like this one that Aubrey is using.

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