Friday, February 03, 2006

Rome Pictures 6: The Pantheon

So, to wrap up our Rome picturess, here is the pantheon. Apparently it was the largest dome in europe (and it's big) until the St. Peter's Dome (I think) and now it's a church. has a hole in the ceiling. Not sure what it's like to worship if the rain is dropping in.
But Aubrey and I still liked it and smiled.
I tried to bring one of the pillars with me...not so much...they're pretty big.

My favorite part of the pantheon was the violin player outside on the first night that we saw it. He was playing a tune that bordered on mournful, yet tip-toed with playfulness. It was one of those moments when I had to sit down and just soak it in...soak it in...I can still hear it and feel the crisp air and cold cement wall where we were sitting as if we were there again.

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