Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Venice: St. Mark's and the Birds

Here I am in the St. Mark's Square. I like to call this church the "church of thieves" because there is so much stolen stuff in the church and it's known as a haven for pickpockets. They actually stole the remains of St. Mark to put in there.

In the square, they have all these birds. Seriously, tons of birds. My favorite part of Venice right here. You buy a bag of corn and corn pieces (the corn kernels were too big for the sparrows, so you had to give them the little pieces or they'd choke).

Aubrey didn't like the birds too much. But they did like her...

Scarecrow Josh, that's what I like to call myself. And this is my friend, Dirtnasty. He pooped on me.

A cool thing to do with the birds: throw a piece of corn and watch all the birds fly to it. The birds go crazy over it.

Even cooler thing to do with the birds: throw a piece of corn in front of an unsuspecting tourist and watch all the birds fly toward the tourist. The tourists freak out.


daveapplegate said...

ever seen the hitchcock flick 'the birds?'

Brian said...

LOL! I love it! Birds! Poop! How can you not be a youth pastor! You're my hero!

Josh said...

yay for birds.
yay for friends.

yes, i've seen the movie, and i think aubrey has too, which is why she looks really freaked out in her picture.

but these birds were friendly. only one of them tried to gouge out my eyes, but thankfully i had glasses on. a fellow tourist wasn't so lucky...