Monday, February 13, 2006


there's a lot of talk about original sin: the idea that all men are under some type of curse that causes them to sin. it seems obvious that there is something out there causing us to do things contrary to goodness, because all of us are guilty of something.

but i also think it's interesting that sin is never original. it's always unoriginal. it always plays off of the most original and tries to create an alternative which will never measure up.

unoriginal sin.


jonboy said...

You know that Tolkien had that same thought. That's why in his books he has each creation and then the corruption of that creation.

Elves - orcs
Men - Urukai (sp?)
Lembas - The orc drink

The corrupted is always fabricated where the original was created. In that sense, it was "unoriginal" because it was a falsified copy of the real.

Josh said...


I knew I had talked with somebody about this before. You're the source of all the good ideas I've ever thought...

Anyway, I'm reading a book that suggests that in creating the world, God went through a process of separating and binding things. Separating the water from the land, separating the sky from the water. Binding things together: making people and animals rely on the earth for food. So there is a natural sense that things are connected yet distinct.

But sin tries to pervert that; separating things that weren't meant to be separated, uniting things that weren't intended to be united.