Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Seasons Change

Well, the fall is coming in...the sun is setting earlier, the leaves are falling, the wind is colder.

We pulled out our down comforter to brace for it. Boy I love the warmth of the covers when it's cold in the room.

This past weekend, Aubrey and I went down to Richmond with the cover excuse of me getting expert advice from Gregg Paul, who did NYC twice for the VA district. I did learn some good stuff from him, but the highlights were definitely seeing our family.

We got in late on Friday night, but we stayed up a bit talking with Aub's parents. It was one of those times when you don't want to go to bed and you feel giddy and comfortable. I have great in-laws.

The next morning, I met with Gregg and then hung out with my good friend Douglas (he will be refered to as Uncle Dougles by our children...). Then we had lunch with the ladies; Aubs' grandmother, mother, my nana and sister.

Then we went on a walk with Sis. that was great. We walked through a park that Aubrey and I spent much of our dating time in. We talked about Sue's future and stuff. She's a great young woman. I'm proud of who she is and is becoming.

Then we came home.

Now we are getting ready for our annual Pastor and Spouses Retreat! Yay, free hotel, free food, good friends. And the coolest thing this year is that Brian MClaren is going to be there! I think it will be great for all of us. And we'll get to see our friends...but Brian and Carol won't be there...so sad...we'll miss them.

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