Saturday, October 15, 2005

National Youth Workers Convention Part 1

Well, I'm here in Pittsburg with Rick, Matt, Trudy and Laura at the annual convention.

What I've liked so far.

1. Dan Kimball's hair. It's a mixture of Street Fighter, Fifth Element and Jimmy Neutron.
2. Dave Crowder Band. They do such a great job leading us to the throne.
3. Coffee with Nate this morning. It was great to just sit and chill with an old Asbury friend. He's a good man to have as friend.
4. Teaching by Doug Field's. "Just say No".
5. Supper with youth worker crew at Mahoney's. Great conversation with the guys from my church. They are great people, with hearts in line with our Creator.
6. The new Nooma preview. Rhythm. It follows Rob Bell's Ultimate Reality sermon.
7. Sleeping in the same bed with Rick. It's a full size bed. Well, my favorite part was waking up t 2:30 with our faces like 3 inches a part. What a riot.

It's my hope that I'll walk away with like 2 things I can apply. That's what I've told my friends who've come with me. We could walk away with 99 things. But we wouldn't do those things well.

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