Monday, October 17, 2005

National Youth Workers Convention 2

Well, we're heading out today. It's been great.

More highlights.

Skipping the general sessions to catch up with Nate. It was good to hear his heart.

Talking with Dave Curtiss. He's got quality experience and great advice.

Reflecting with Rick. I asked him where he desired to be led, and he had some great pointers for our ministry.

Kansas City Chiefs won. Granted, it was against the Redskins, but they won.

Hanging out for dinner with Asbury grads.

I love the people who came from our church. It's been so good to just be away and let our proverbial hairs down.

Connecting with the Living Word (another church in York) youth workers for lunch at Pittsburg finest restaurant (the waiter yelled "F--- You" when we told him we were rooting for the Jaguars, who were playing the Steelers. We immediately asked him to bless our meal as he blessed us...)

It's been good for me to clarify where I think God is taking our ministry. I've had some good moments just being alone to think about it...I'll be posting some more about it. The previous post contains some of my rambling thoughts.

On the drive home today I'm hoping that we can work through some of the things we heard this week.

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