Monday, October 10, 2005

Full Weekend

Well, this weekend was incredibly full. But Aubrey and I got to be together through most of it, so that was great.

Friday night we went down with the youth to the Rescue Mission. It's something we do the first friday of every month. The Mission makes these people sit through a service after which they get to eat. The food is free. Only payment is attendance of the service. So, we've tried to make the services lighthearted and tried to bring in good food. The kids are great at serving the men and women there. I'm always impressed with their actions and hearts.

Saturday was quiz meet day. Lots of people came from around the Nazarene District. It was great. Our kids did an excellent job. Amanda and Cody got in the top 10 for novice. Way to go, guys.

After that, Aubs and I went down to Gettysburg to meet with Andrea and Nate. Wow, we love those two. They are just so easy to be with and fun...

Sunday, we started our college prep course for juniors and seniors in high school. I think it went well. We had two recent college grads come in and talk about their first impressions and what they would have loved to have known before they came into school. I thought they did a good job. After that we had Mark and Becca over. They are a good couple. They're getting ready to have a baby in January. I think that will be cool.

Then our neighbor Carol came over to show us her vacation pictures. She and her grandson, Joe, went on a cruise through the NE last weekend. They loved it. The pictures were cool too.

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