Monday, August 01, 2005

Back from to camp

Well, Aubrey and I got back from NC on Saturday night. It was well worth it to make the long drive down there.

For one thing, I got to stop and see my good friends, Doug and Jon, for breakfast at Cracker Barrel in Chesterfield, VA, on my way down. That was great. Wonderful to dine together with old friends.

The second thing was that I got to see Aubrey after a whole week without. Whew, that was great!

The third thing was that the waves on the beach were great for NC. Mark (bro in law) and I had a blast riding the waves in on boogy boards and by body surfing.

The fourth thing was that it was great to be with Aubrey's family. They are a great bunch. We've been blessed with family who are really concerned with each other and with what God is doing.

And now we are hours from leaving for MAD teen camp. Whew, it should be great. Aubrey's coming this year, which I think will be great, b/c she's so awesome with the students (and I just like participating in ministry with her).

So, I'll post after a while...

Oh yeah, Rob Bell just came out with a new book...there are interesting debates over his book on Amazon. Check it out

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