Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Live to Tell

Well, I am reading this book by Brad Kallenberg, and it's really helping me understand conversion and evangelism from the postmodern mindset.

he does a great job of dealing with the change in language and mindset that happens during a conversion experience (which he points out takes a much longer time than most expect). It's cool because he comes from a background where he used to try to get people saved by having quick conversations with them, giving them the gospel message, and then helping them pray Jesus into their lives. But he's recognizing that that doesn't work anymore. that sometimes conversion takes a few years.

He places a lot of emphasis on the community having a part in the conversion experience, about how being inundated with the faith community is the best way to bring someone into full hearted followship.

Anyway, I highly recommend this book...check it out!

PS...I'm at panera again...rock on Panera Bread Company

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Caitlin said...

homestar runner rocks all the way out. so does ultimate frisbee. have fun w/NYC, my dad directed it for the Maine district for '03. it was a lot of work, but he still reaps the rewards. teen camp was sooo saweet, and deut 52 was my favorite.