Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Facts on Stupidity

This next month our mid-week services are focusing on having wisdom in life.

To start us off, we looked at the opposite of wisdom, stupidity. So I compiled a brief list of facts on stupidity. Here they are.

1. People usually don’t intend to be stupid.
It's not like people put it on their daytime to do things they regret. Wisdom is about intentionality.
2. Stupidity is often wasteful.
Wisdom is about making the most of every moment.
3. Smart people can be stupid.
Wisdom is about action, not just knowledge.
4. Being stupid is easy.
All of us have been stupid. It's harder to be wise, to think through what we're going to do.
5. It’s easier to see stupidity in others.
It's not as easy to see stupidity in me. But if others can see it in me, it would be wise to take their advice.
6. Stupidity never “just happens”.
Ultimately it’s a decision to be stupid. Every moment presents a decision. A wise person identifies those moments.

I believe God is calling us to be people who think through our actions and who ask him for wisdom. He is the source of all wisdom.

We'll be talking about having wisdom in friendships and with our time. Should be fun.


Brian said...

one more... BIG stupidity comes from many little stupid decisions. Trust me on this one brother!

Sorry we didn't connect today. Tomorrow after 2pm your time I am FREE and available on cell.

Kipper said...

Hey Josh, I just took a look at my own blog and realized that you had left me a msg. Thanks for the words. I almost didn't recognize the appreciation, it was so sparse in my time out there. But you have a way of restoring hope and redemption to sinners like me. I thought of you guys too whilst I read your details of the camp. Didn't realize the timing but maybe the fact that my hair is currently purple and green has something to do with the fact that I recognized the time of the year and responded with my typical carefree nonsense.