Thursday, August 04, 2005

Oh yeah

I was just asked by Kevin to help coordinate NYC 2007 for our district. Have to wait for district approval, and if it comes through, I think it will be an awesome experience.

I was already excited that my friend, Brian Hull, is working hard to plan it for everybody, but now with the possibility of working with him and other people to make it the best experience yet, I'm even more excited. I might even wet myself...okay, I won't...

So, if it comes through district supervision, you'll be seeing a lot more info about NYC on here. I'll get to do some travelling to St. Louis and planning with other folks. I think it will be a great experience.


Kylie said...


Just wanted to tell you how much I appreciated you being at camp this week & making me laugh. I can be having the crappiest day but somehow you make me forget about it. so, thanks :)

oh yes!
and I definitaly wanna go to NYC 2007!!! does our church do that or is it more of an individual thing?? & do you have any info on the Y.E.S. think for the ministries. i really wanna go to that. geeesh. now i just have to raise all of this money. ahhh!

thanks for being so crrrrazy insane & entertaining me :) & taking us out to eat at hardees. two thumbs up for the service at hardees. haha.

i'll be at the beach this weekend so i won't see you & aubs. have a great week & i'll talk to you soon.

love &
spoons (it takes skill!)


Rolf & Deb said...

Hey Buddy.
Dad's first response was - don't do it, Josh, don't do it! Of course there are two sides to that! He wishes he was doing it! And he knows how much work it is going to take to pull it off! Call Gregg Paul now! Yuck yuck.
Have fun! Cause it will be. And, Lord willing, we will be able to be there with you this time!
Cool beans or what?