Thursday, August 04, 2005

Camp 2005: Thursday

Well, camp's coming to a close tonight. this week has gone by faster than an ice cream cone in pheonix.

Dave Curtiss keeps ripping it up. He has developed a flow in his messages that has been stupendous. He started out telling a bit of his story, being a good kid, but not really being a follower of God. Then he talked about the difference b/w following Christ and believing in Him. Then he talked about the oneness of God, how He is complete and whole. Wholeness is who he is. And sin is the opposite of this wholeness, it is what destroys the wholeness. So, he let us wrestle last night with the brokeness of the world, with the pain in our own lives. And this morning he talked about how God brings shalom, which is restored wholeness, making things right. We'll see where he goes from here. I believe he is in the flow of God's heart in these things.

I was able to talk with several of my students last night and process with them some of their pain...and this morning I was able to walk through what it means to ask for God's wholeness (how most of the time it's not instantaneous). It's been great to see God breaking down some walls that people have held up.

And then there's the no talent show. It was stellar. Andy and Melissa did a great job hosting it. We had some good acts too. Got to dance with Caleb Pierce for the show. That was stellar.

And today we had a massive shaving cream war. Whoa...that was crazy. Had it in almost every crevice of my body...even after my shower.

One of my favorite things is watching students respond to each other.

Another favorite thing is hanging out with the youth workers and laughing with them.

Oh yeah, can't forget spoons. That's a sweet game.

Tonight, Nate Sawtelle and I are going to take our cabin (we got the jr. hi guys) on a midnight hike...maybe through the graveyard. Should be fun.

Now I'm going to play a little ultimate before staff meeting.

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