Friday, August 26, 2005

Thoughts from "How to be Good"

So I picked up another stuff...

Anyway, there were some interesting thoughts on cynicism and it's role in our society now.

“Cynicism is our shared common language, the Esperanto that actually caught on, and though I’m not fluent in it—I like too many things, and I am not envious of enough people—I know enough to get by. And in any case it is not possible to avoid cynicism and the sneer completely. Any conversation about, say, the London mayoral contest, or Demi Moore, or Posh and Becks and Brooklyn, and you are obliged to be sour, simply to prove that you are a fully functioning and reflective metropolitan person.” (163)

A common language...think about it. People are always downing something...even if it's small and inconsequential. Even yesterday, I was in the postoffice...and the lady was talking with a customer and for no reason at all said that certain postcards are stinky...

What if we walked around defying this common language?

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Brian said...

Common language is a good missionary staement/ question. I do think sarcasm, humor, not taking yourself or anyone else too seriously, are common elements of our culture's language. How can we redeem this? Or should we? For example, do we use that in our teachings/sermons? Vintage 21 sure did. Is this effective or a distraction to the gospel? Good stuff if you ask me. (Besides its easier for me to justify!)