Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Dorney Park

Well, we went to a sweet theme park, near Allentown, PA, yesterday with the students. Dorney Park is superfly. And the students were even better. They injuries, no real fights...all fun and fantastic!

Serious, it was was sweltering hot, but it was great. Mt. Dew Icee's never tasted so good.

I got to bop around from group to group and experience the park with and through them. I started off with the Jr. Hi guys who went directly to the highest roller coaster there, the Steel Force. It was awesome. We got on the front cart without having to wait longer than 3 minutes. It was a 205 foot drop, and pretty thrilling. Sauder and DJ were quite the thrill seekers. We rode in the front at first and then went to the back. You gotta get the extreme perspectives.

After hanging out with them, we went to lunch and then I bopped around with Casey and his grandmother, Donna. They liked the tame side of the park, so we lounged in the Wave Pool and went around the Lazy River thing. Wow, that water was wonderfully cold. Waterfalls everywhere...

Then I hopped over to Josh, Bryce, Alecia, Tiana, Allie, and Nicole's group. we had a blast on the steel force, the Talon, Hang Time (my favorite), Revolution, and Dominator (takes you up really high and then drops freaked me out...). They were tons of fun. We got Josh, who is afraid of roller coaster type things, to go on the Talon and the Hang Time, but he was spent after those two.

After them, I hung with Evan, Brian, Holly, Jared, Holly's friend, Koren and Rick Dodd. We rode the Hydra and the Comet. I was feeling sick after that one...definitely not good to eat a bucket of fries and then get on a roller coaster...ew. They had a good mix going in their group...real easy going and fun.

Then I went with Izzy, Marissa, Tia (M.'s friend), Amanda and Leah, to the Carousel and Mouse Chase...that was stellar. I don't think the Carousel will ever get old.

Well, lots of good's just good to hang with the students in large packs.

We have a great bunch of students...

Well, I'll be joining up with Aubrey tomorrow to finish up her vacation with her family in NC. Should be fun. Gotta drive through tonight...

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