Monday, July 11, 2005

Arms Wide Open: Part 1

Well, I'm in Sun Valley, AZ right now with the Sr. Hi Mission Trip Team. It has been a crazy past few days.

There are so many things to write about, to think about, to notice from this trip. It's really hard to take it in. And I don't have much time to type right now. So, I'll just sum up the highlights so far.

Students bonding with other students who I didn't expect to bond together. (Is that understandable?)

Worshipping with the Navajo Indians on Sunday morning and night. They asked us to come back after the morning service, for a spontaneous service. Hearing familiar tunes in the Navajo tongue was a blessing. It reminds me that I am not the sole owner of the gospel. These are not distant cousins who belong to my half-brother, but they are my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus. We are bound together by the Spirit who resides in us both.

Flash contests in the van. No, it's not as sick as it sounds. There were some kids who discovered that you can make your disposable camera flash without taking pictures and they did that for at least 45 minutes on the way home.

Bryce got a mohawk.

Trip into Canyon de Chelle. That was awesome. WHew, breathtaking views. I'll post some of the pictures at a later date.

Fun conversations in the van.

Sweet views of the Rocky's from the airplane.

Being 3 hours behind our normal time.

Awesome landscape and skyline. There are no trees out here...just bare land. YOu can see for 70-80 miles. Breathtaking again.

Today was our first day of official work. Wow, it was long and tough, but it was cool to see the students hearts in what we did. They have such a great spirit and are encouraging each other.

Well, I will post more later. Gotta get ready for devos with the sunset.

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