Monday, July 25, 2005

Weekend is over

Well, the weekend is over.

The sermon went really well, I think. Used a bit of Dallas Willard's explanation of kingdom (the sphere where what I want done is done) and had people figure out their kingdom and talked about getting God's kingdom in that. Explained that the prophets were looking for God's kingdom as shalom, which is more than peace, which is completion, wholeness, righting of the wrongs. And when we think of heaven of the afterlife, we think of that type of place. Then I moved to talk about how sometimes we make our following after Christ, our understanding of his message, more about what's going to happen to me after we die. And I talked about the Rwandan genocide and how it was supposedly a dominant Christian nation. What we saw there was the opposite of shalom, we saw destruction, something that tore from wholeness, that caused incompletion. Then I went to our lives...are our lives bringing the shalom, or causing incompletion. Then I talked about Jesus' emphasis on this life now, that the kingdom is now...and how he wants to move into our sphere of influence, into our kingdoms...It was good.

Then I had some youthworkers over to our house. It was cool to have them over. We haven't had any youth workers to our new house yet, so it was fun. matt forsythe, 7 foot 7 guy, nearly got his head chopped off by the ceiling fans, and had to crouch in our upper bedroom.

It was a good weekend...except for one fact. Aubrey wasn't here. She's in NC with her family, and I'll join her on Wednesday,'s not the same without her around. Gosh, I miss that girl.

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Brian said...

sounds great. doesn't preaching that much drain the life out of you? Or am I just a girly man?