Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Arms Wide Open Part 2

Well, we returned from AZ on Saturday night. They held us in the air for an extra hour because of the storm. Crazy watching the lightening from above the storm. I'm glad the pilots know what they are doing.

Wow, mission trips really create a sense of family within the group that goes. It's amazing how that happens. It's easier to share joys, to share frustrations...I think there is something supernatural in the gathering of people for a common purpose. Even if its not Christian, I think something happens there. My uncle told me about some experiences he has had (free of reefer) when a bunch of drummers gathered in a circle for a session in the woods. it sounded a lot like what happens on missions trips or camps. The cool part about following Christ, is that we know the source of that phenomenon.

Further highlights:

Dancing with the Indian Dancers on Tuesday night. They have beautiful movements and we got to join them on a couple dances. My favorite dance was this one a boy did with hoops. He did all these crazy things with the hoops, things I can't explain in print...you just have to see it.

Seeing the Grand Canyon. Holy mess, that place is awesome. Over 40 miles long, average 10 miles across (18 is the max), over 1 mile deep. The curves and drop offs are breathtaking. Ryan and Bryce scared us a bit when they got close to the edge, but nobody in our group died.

Sunset across AZ. We gathered by the crosses for devo's with the sunset.

Devotions by Tim and Scottie. They are great guys and had some quality things to say to our group. Kylie was supposed to go, but our week got crammed.

Worship with the Sun Valley staff. Our fella's led worship and we had a gathering the following night.

The Buffer. Cleaning floors has never been so crazy. The first day, Joann (youth worker lady)couldn't figure it out, so she had Jordan sit on the buffer while she buffed the floor. Then I thought I had it figured out until it threw me into the wall. Whew, floor buffers are crazy. It reminded me of Ernest Goes to Jail.

Here's what we did for the campus: we built a fence at the entrance, cleaned the classroom floors (not an easy task), did some landscaping, built a deck, painted the deck, tested out the playground equipment (not requested, but we did it with pleasure), raced golf carts.

If you want to check out Sun Valley's website it's www.indianschool.org.

I'm glad we went. You really get to see what's in the hearts of your students. And we have some quality students who have servant hearts.

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Kylie said...

Your comments about the buffer made me laugh, a lot. Especially the part where you said, "Then I thought I had it figured out until it threw me into the wall." That made me giggle. :) Anywho, just wanted to say hi.
Talk to you soon.

love &
flying squirrels,

double k