Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Teaching this weekend

So, I'm teaching on Saturday and Sunday at our church. I'm still wrestling with what to talk about. But I think I am being led to talk about how heaven is breaking into our daily existence, that the reign of God is coming through us Christians. I might do a little bit about how we were originally created to help take care of the earth (first commandment) and how Jesus' first commandment to love others is part of the restoration and recreation of the earth...a continuation of the original first commandment.

We'll see...I'm taking a good portion of tomorrow to finish it...I'll be writing some of it tonight too.

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Kylie said...

"I'm glad things are getting worked out...Relationships are so flippin funky. it's interesting how when you get things out things tend to get worked out...well, sometimes...I guess you can pour out your heart and still get it stomped on...I think it takes wisdom and smartypants to figure out when to say what you gotta say."

this is good advice :) now, my question to you is, was it just random advice, or did it have to do with a certain subject? hmmmm. -wink, wink- what would i do without you and aubrey!? i'd go absolutely insaine!! :) thanks.

love &
long conversations,