Friday, July 22, 2005

Possible Themes for the Fall and Winter

OK, I've got a short list of things for the fall. Not sure of the order or how they'll be carried out...I'm thinking of having a verse for the month, something that the students can get used to seeing and maybe take in memory.

Pain-how to handle it, how God feels about it, how to help a friend, what does grief look like

Justice-IJM's stuff for 5 weeks, ending with the 30 hour famine...I'm really looking forward to this.

Wisdom-How to make wise choices regarding friendships, parties, parents, the future

Life like Christ-a couple weeks to see how he lived and what it meant for his disciples and what it means for us as his followers

Advent-Opening our lives to His presence, living in the "now" of his kingdom, welcoming Him into everything we do

Sex Retold-glories of sex, downfalls of sex, healthy habits

I'm also thinking of having a class for Juniors and Seniors on Sunday mornings for college prep. Talk about how to prepare for future, talk about fears, talk about possible new ideas they might encounter that might rock their world and faith (things I wish I had heard before I went to college, things that made me doubt most of what I believed, things that most young high school students aren't prepared for, but that maybe juniors and seniors are).


Brian said...

Josh, could you give me the outline to your sex talk now? Carol and I keep having kids and we've got to figure something out.

Brian said...

If I was still at my church (right now that is incredibly weird and quite frankly sucks to say), I would do a series on Andrew Jones definition of being a Christian - telling stories, throwing parties and giving gifts. Just a cool way to say it all.