Thursday, June 30, 2005

One Eyed Mother

Well, Aubrey and I have discovered a nesting bird right underneath the windowsill of our kitchensink window. I can wash dishes and watch the bird resting in its nest. It's neat, actually, because we've seen this almost from the very beginning, when there was hardly any nest except a few twigs. But this bird and another worked together to create a little bed in the bush beneath my window. After the nest became sturdy, the mother bird began to sit in the nest for long periods of times. I would look into the nest when she would fly away, but nothing was in the nest, until one day there were three little blue eggs, each about the size of a walnut. And now the mother stays with the eggs, warming them, tending to them.

There is one thing that is unusual (that word is unusual) about her. Her right eye is only a slit, where it seems she either lost her eye, or was born without it. So, we have a one-eyed mother bird nesting under the windowsill of our kitchen sink. Every morning when I walk past, I look into it to see if the little ones have arrived. Nothing yet. But I can't wait to watch them grow, to watch the mother tend to them and feed them. I love miracles that happen under kitchen sink window.

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