Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Move Part 1: Cottagy and Odorific

So, Aubrey and I are now almost moved into our new place. We still have boxes all over the place, but we have had a couple meals at our table, which makes us feel more at home. The house is very cozy, kind of cottagy, as our friend Isabell describes it. It has two living rooms, a larger kitchen, a small room off the kitchen (former porch maybe?), and a former attic that serves as our bedroom. I described it as cozy, and I mean it. Especially in the sense of the small side of cozy. The upstairs, where our bedroom is, is 5 feet 7 inches. So, I get to stoop...but seriously, I love it. I always wanted to have a room upstairs that had a railing to prevent anybody to fall down the stairwell, and a sloping ceiling and small windows.

Aubrey has been so great in helping us get adjusted to the place. She has spent so much time cleaning out the kitchen, clearing it of the gunk in the cabinets and the smell, oh the smell, of the cabinets. Currently we have cups of vinegar and boxes of baking soda spread out through our kitchen cabinets. We heard that both are excellent at removing unpleasant odors. Considering that the cabinets smelled somewhat like a combination of old person and dog sweat we jumped at the opportunity to have the unpleasant odors removed.

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