Tuesday, June 14, 2005

The Move Part 2: Hello Orpah

Along with being cottagy and cozy, our house is nestled between two other homes, both of which house friendly neighbors. On our left is Carol and her red-headed grandson, Joe. She is so kind. she offered her rain jacket to me the first time she met us, when she saw me moving stuff in the rain. She is also talkative and has already filled us in on her family history. I can tell that Aubrey and I will enjoy getting to know her.

And on our right live Meeko and Mickey. I met Meeko before we had moved anything in. He was standing in his yard and when he saw me getting out of my car, he said, "Are you our new neighbor?" And I told him that I was. And then I asked him what his name was and if he had any brothers or sisters. And he has a sister, Mickey. And then I told them that I was moving in with Aubrey. They asked if she was my girlfriend. I told them, "no".

Meeko and Mickey are in 4th and 5th grade. They are always in their yard playing with their 5 dogs or with each other. And they always greet us when we get home in the day time. It's swell. When Aubrey was getting there to clean the kitchen out, they would greet her, saying, "hello orpah!" I guess they thought I had said her name was orpah! We weren't sure whether or not to leave it as Orpah, but Aubrey kindly told them one day that her name is really Aubrey, and they haven't gotten it wrong since.

But I was cleaning the bathroom the other day, ridding it of some of the hair from the previous resident (making me think about legacy and what we leave behind us...). So I had the window, which faces their backyard, open just in case the fumes from the cleaning stuff were too strong. I was in the middle of cleaning and I heard, "Meeko, ask him if he's taking a bath." Then I heard, "Josh, are you taking a bath?" I told them, "No." Then they talked to me for the rest of the time that I cleaned the bathroom. They asked me more questions like what my favorite color is, whether or not I liked to climb trees when I was little, how old I am, if I ever had any pets. They were full of questions. It was quite pleasant really. I can tell it will be great to have them as neighbors.

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