Monday, June 06, 2005


Well, we just got back from our vacation on Saturday night. It was great to be away and be with my parents and sister.

We stayed in a stellar house that was offered to my parents for free. This couple had this million dollar home built just so they could share it with others. It is on the Chesapeake Bay, on a peninsula off of an island. The house is positioned in such a way that when you look out any window you can see water. It was awesome.

Some highlights:
Kayaking around the island with Aubrey
Talking about life with Dad
Getting kicked all over the place in Dutch Blitz by Sus
Listening to mom talk about what it means to be hospitable
Watching dad try to catch a stingray on a ten pound test line
Eating crabs we caught in our crab trap
Fishing off the dock
Memorial Day boating excursion
Sleeping in
Seeing Star Wars 3 (loved the battle Anakin had with himself)

Three Things I learned about myself:
1. I am very selfish.
2. I have a hard time focusing on others. Whenever we were sitting around talking, I tended to try to read or play boggle. When I thought about it, it's the same way when I am with other people. I'm not fully present with them.
3. I've never liked getting my hands dirty. I thought it was a recent thing, but apparently, even when I was a child I had this issue. When I had a particularly messy meal and had stuff on my hands and face I would stop eating (a big deal for me) and put my hands in the air and make a "ehh ehh ehh" sound. So, even now it is hard for me to eat ribs or buffalo wings. Strange.

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