Friday, April 28, 2006

Day Off Fun

Well, I'm sitting at Messiah College, using their free wifi (with Aubrey's sign in info) and loving it.

I came up here to see a friend's (his name is Ross, and believe it or not, he's getting married to Rachel) science project presentation. He's a senior and he and some friends worked on a plane project, using a rotary engine (never used before in a plane) as the engine. Their intentions are to help to design a lightweight and easy to manage plane for mission work. Somebody else will design the body of the plane and the fueselage and things like that. They just designed and put together the engine components (including propellor). Anyway, they did an excellent job on all their stuff. Way to go, Ross.

I got to check out the NTS in service program. I'm interested in attending school while I'm still in ministry, but I don't feel I'm done here, so I'm checking out various degrees. I'm also slightly interested in the masters of spiritual formation from Northwest Nazarene. I'm unsure about the Naz bias, wanting something from a different perspective than what I've grown up with. But I've heard good things about both of these programs, so am wading through it.

Since Aubs if finishing up her Masters on May 13th, I figured it's about time I start figuring out what I'm going to do with my edumacation!

Also, since it is my day off, I explored the net and found, which comes loaded with tons of time wasting games you can play. Check it out if you want to waste some time.

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