Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Spring is Breaking!

Well, I love the weather right now.

I love the cool mornings, requiring a light jacket, but permitting shorts.

I love the warm afternoon with the cool breeze from the morning.

I love the cool evenings, bringing back the jacket.

My friend Dave came and visited on Friday. That was really cool. He brought his guitar and played for my family (aubrey's family was visiting too). There is something about live music in your house that makes you come alive. I wish I could have him there all the time.

And even before the music, we had a great time catching up at Borders. There are people in this world that you can go for a long time without talking and when you finally do talk it's as if no time has passed. Dave is one of those people.

1 comment:

daveapplegate said...

i feel loved. thanks for helping delve back into thinking at borders. you are an enjoyable friend.