Monday, May 01, 2006

Fun with Aged Vocab

So, for Christmas I got Aubrey a forgotten english calendar, which has a forgotten english word for every day of the year. Aubs and I have had a great time with it and have gotten many laughs.

So here are some of the words with their definitions.

pluvial: pertaining to rain; rainy

shumpgullion: a glutton

lunting: walking and smoking a pipe

novitious: newly invented

scroggins: an interjection used to express astonishment

The real challenge will be to use these somehow in a regular conversation, or to put them all in the same paragraph.


Sam said...
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Sam said...

Scroggins, that man is a shumpgullion! What a novitous approach to life. He eats all that food, and then goes lunting, but only for about 5 feet; Upon which his colon takes a pluvial disposition towards the porcelain throne.


daveapplegate said...

good one, sam. i think i might try to bring back 'scroggins.'

Josh said...

i wish we could have pictures to go with those sentences...

Sam said...

I'll send you a picture via e-mail.
I don't really think it's appropriate for public consumption