Thursday, May 25, 2006

More old language for ya

hit the maples: to bowl

cunctatious: addicted to delaying; prone to delay

jargoneer: a person who coins words in some field; a person who delights in using the particular language of some occupation or sport.

cow's thumb: done to a cow's thumb, done exactly.

trigamy: the act or state of having three wives or three husbands at the same time. In the ancient church this was only allowed to such as had no children by their former marriages.

juniority: the state of being junior

So I'd like to see some sentences from these bad boys...

stram: any sudden, loud and quick sound; so to stram the doors means to shut them with noise and violence. Hence, a bold and unexpected lie that greatly suprises the hearer is called a strammer, and hence also to strammer means to tell great and notorious lies.

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