Friday, May 05, 2006

Couple Things

So, Aubs and I had a bunch of friends over from her Messiah work place. So cool it was. Good food, good laughs.

Interesting that most of the people there are getting ready to transition into new jobs and new locations in the next year, except we were all in our mid to late 20's. You'd expect to be with a bunch of people in transition when in it was an odd remembrance of the past...but I'm wondering if our age group is going to carry transition with it through the rest of life.

Today...been listening to Pagitt podcast. Interesting dialogue with Doug Pagitt and Bob DeWaay about the emergent church.


daveapplegate said...

i went to Messiah college recently to visit a friend who was visiting her sister. thought of you and the weef (aka aubrey).

Josh said...

you were at messiah? that's like up the road.

daveapplegate said...

yeah, one of my friends came down from the erie area. i didn't feel like i could mix-n-match. i felt like it would have been greedy. she was down visiting her sister, so we were hanging out with her most of the time. it was fun, but i missed you when i thought of you.