Monday, May 15, 2006

Movie Consumption Weekend

So Aubrey and I had quite a relaxing weekend. In the relaxation we partook in three movies (all rented), which is quite a feat for us.

Friday Night: Munich

Wow. Powerful look at the toll that terrorism takes on all sides of the equation. If you're gonna watch this, I recommend that you watch Paradise Now as well. And the story is told well.

Saturday Night: Everything is Illuminated

Aubrey and I laughed and cried our hearts out in this one. Not funny like Dumb and Dumber or Black Sheep and not sappy like the Wedding Planner, but a witty account of cultures colliding. Let's put it this way, one of the main characters is a Ukranian who loves Micheal Jackson and is an English translator for an American Jew looking for a woman who saved his grandfather's life.

Sunday Afternoon: Corpse Bride

This was mostly pleasurable...all of it is clay animation, which is quite impressive. And there is some witty banter in this as well. Slightly dark, but showing that there is light even in the darkest places.

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