Sunday, May 07, 2006


So, I go to Borders with some friends from the youth group every other Thursday. Always great conversations with these two guys...

Brought up being "open-minded". One guy is from a catholic background and the other guy is straight Nazbo. So, one friend is extremely open to new ideas and people from different backgrounds, but the Nazbo has a harder time. So we got into a discussion about listening to other people's ideas and worldviews...and my catholic friend is all about being open-minded, but hates people who aren't open-minded.

So we worked through the logic of open-mindedness, and how it falls short in being like Christ. Because open-mindedness is never truly open-minded to all things. There are always stops on it. There's always a limit.

But is there something that we don't have a limit to? What about love? When we look at the Text, we find that love is something that abounds, it's always available.

So if Jesus was giving a Sermon on the Mount today, I think he might say something like this..."You have heard it said, 'be open-minded to all ideas and people', but I tell you, be open-hearted to all people, because our God loves all people beyond their imagination."


daveapplegate said...

most clever and righteous. most people in the Church need to hear this.

Sam said...

that's crap dave. I obviously don't need to hear that. I already know the answers.... ;-)