Friday, April 01, 2005

Non-illegitimate day with Ted Dekker

Well, I took today off.

Eugene Peterson wrote that a day off is a bastard sabbath. There was nothing illigetimate about my day.

I slept in, snuggled with Aubrey, woke up, read in bed, ate at 12, read some more, did the dishes, read again, shopped for Aubs, read, ate ham for dinner, read some more, talked to Ben Lavin (college Friend), read some more, kissed my wife hello (she came home from school), read some more. That's a great day. These days may not be possible with the arrival of children, so I am soaking it up while I can.

I am reading Ted Dekker's trilogy which includes Black, Red and White. I finished Black and started Red today. He does an excellent job at retelling the fall and redemption of man, and shows the fall in a thought provoking way. I was driven to tears at parts where the characters are experiencing communion with Elyon (God). It would be hard to explain the premise of the book, but it's fascinating, and I may write more about it in the future...

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