Thursday, April 07, 2005

Thoughts about the Weather

Dang, I just typed something up and realized I had no connection and when i pushed the back button, all that I had written was gone...

What I had said was that there seems to be a tremendous change in attitudes when there is a change in the weather.

Yesterday the temperature got up to 82 degrees. It was beautiful.

And when the Jr. Hi students came in for Gel last night, there was an obvious air of excitement. It's almost an electricity...cackling through the group.

I remember last year, at the same time, it was my first spring in youth ministry, and I just couldn't seem to keep them focused. But this year, I was prepared. I gave them things to do, I had them stand up and jump up and down. Get that crazy pubescent energy out!

Anyway, when I got home and was in bed with Aubrey, we felt that cackle from outside. We heard people laughing and running and screaming outside the window of our dorm. And then we heard the familiar "whish" that precedes a "Ka-boom" from the infamous bottlerocket...

Ah spring. Ah warmth. Ah change...

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