Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Day 3 Part 1: Nostalgia

Well, today was a trip down the memory street. I crossed Lexington Avenue and went over the the College and saw some of my old friends and professors.

Went up on my former hall, Johnson Second Main. There are still many students who were there when I was there. It was cool to catch up with them. It seems like so many of them have gotten married.

I stopped by to see some of my proff's. Wanted to thank them for their contribution to my life development. Dr. Hamilton and Budd were out, but Dr. Anderson (theology) was in. I sat and chatted with him for quite some time. It caused me to miss a seminar or two, but it was worthwhile to catch up.

Snapshots of return: Ale8 (Kentucky Softdrink...nectar of the gods); Dr. Neil Anderson; Hughes Auditorium; FireHouse (Second Main); Joel Handwerk (Crazy hair); flowery tree (smells great too); CPO; the Green; yearbook; dump in former favorite stall; Dr. Van Arragon (who is sadly leaving...Asbury needs guys like him).

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