Sunday, April 17, 2005

Where's Hans?

I just got back from District Assembly yesterday. It was great to be with my district friends. We have a great time passing notes during the business sessions. We give the pages a run for their money.

It was refreshing to be with Brian, Brian, Kevin, Andrea, Nate (very briefly), Matt, Robb and Kevin. But I didn't see Hans anywhere. Dang! He makes me laugh.

I might get to know people other than youth workers some day. I wonder when that will happen.

Anyway, I received my district license on Friday night. That's a pretty neat thing, I think. It's a way of having the Church show that it believes God is working in my life. It's cool to think that this type of process has been going on for centuries, and that it dates back to Paul and Peter and Timothy. Jesus laid hands on somebody who in turn laid his hand on someone else, who laid her hand on someone...all the way down to me. That's a cool connection.

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