Thursday, December 15, 2005

Wesley Style

A question that's been running through my mind...not much time to explore, but want to put it out there.

How much was the movement for the second crisis experience (entire sanctification) a cultural thing?

Could it be possible that Wesley was grabbing onto something eternal (the idea of becoming like Christ) and re-explaining it in a way that his culture would get it (second crisis)?

If so, could it be possible that as followers of Christ, we are called to take what has been handed down to us by Wesley and move forward?


Kipper said...

Good question, mon ami. Would love to explore that one with you...

daveapplegate said...

i'd say move forward with it. don't leave it as it is. i do think it's a new way to see an old command Jesus gave. maybe wesley saw a bunch of people who were taking grace for granted and wanted to wake them up to not just being saved 'in word' but also 'in deed.'